Giada Paolucci

Giada Paolucci

Cyber Threat Analyst

Giada Paolucci is a Cyber Threat Analyst in the Cyber Threat Intelligence team of the Cyber Security Division of Leonardo.

Giada, after completing her bachelor's degree in Investigative Sciences at the University of L'Aquila, further delved into geopolitical and criminological aspects during her master's program in Social Research, Security Policies, and Crime at the University of Chieti. Throughout these years, she nurtured her passion for computer science by first attending a course in Digital Investigations and then pursuing a master's in Cybersecurity. She also obtained the GCTI certification.

In August 2019, she joined Leonardo's Cyber Threat Intelligence team in Chieti premises. Here, along with her colleagues, she engages in various research and forecasting activities related to cybercrimes that could undermine the security of national and European companies.

The dynamic and diverse nature of Cyber Threat Intelligence activities has allowed her to gain experience and sensitivity to subtle signals that may foreshadow a cybersecurity threat.