Cyber & Security Academy

Leonardo's Cyber & Security Academy enables institutions, companies and organisations responsible for critical infrastructure to train and certify their teams on security issues, at technological, regulatory, methodological and process levels, providing the tools to promote a secure digital transition and contributing to the wider spread of a culture of security.

The Academy is an advanced training centre that benefits from the experience gained by Leonardo in the physical and cyber protection of critical infrastructure in more than 150 countries worldwide and from continuous management of cyber threats in various strategic fields.



security events monitored per second by Leonardo's Global Security Operation Centre (SOC)



security incidents handled by the Global SOC every year

>5 Million

>5 Million

Indicators of Compromise monitored every year by the Global SOC



users accessed the security awareness contents of the Cyber & Security Academy 



training events organised at the Cyber & Security Academy Genoa headquarters in one year

Immersive, modular training courses, adapted to operational needs, enable students to consolidate the theoretical and practical skills in prevention, detection and management of cyber-physical security incidents already acquired through university courses, post-graduate Masters qualifications and specialised certifications.

An approach that combines technological expertise with enhancement of the ‘human factor’, which is crucial to increasing risk awareness: recognising the correct information and sharing it with all parties involved allows conflicts to be resolved more quickly.

Target Audience

International stakeholders

  • Large Enterprises
  • International Agencies

National Security connective ecosystem

  • Defence
  • Police Forces
  • Central Government
  • Critical National Infrastructure

National Security receptive ecosystem

  • Schools
  • Universities

Economic and social ecosystem

  • Local Government
  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Training & Simulation

The Academy uses platforms for virtualisation and immersive training, based on proprietary technologies developed in collaboration with Defence, Research, University and SME organisations. Students can learn, both individually and in groups, through an immersive cyber game that is both collaborative and competitive. Leonardo's platforms are able to support exercises with digital twins of thousands of nodes and hundreds of networks, simulating up to five complex scenarios simultaneously, with multiple teams and tens of users per team.

Cyber Trainer

A platform providing training courses developed for a diverse audience – from non-expert personnel to those with specialist technical capabilities. From the identification of training needs to formal learning, from the practical application of acquired knowledge to the certification of competences, the platform allows each user to keep up-to-date on the topics of greatest interest in a continuous and independent way.

Cyber Range

A platform that trains operators through the simulation of extremely realistic and complex scenarios in which it is possible to test new attack and defence techniques and verify tools and processes used to protect technological systems.

The Academy

Leonardo's Cyber & Security Academy enables students to follow training courses online and in person at its partners' premises or at Leonardo's premises in Genoa (the main facility with spaces that can be booked on request for training, events, testing centres and registrations), Chieti and Rome.

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